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Paisley Pizza

My Yorkie, Paisley, is my furry little blessing. She is my sidekick and best pal. She is a confident and protective high maintenance diva. Paisley is also one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. She never went to school, and she is still learning her letters, but she has such wisdom within her.

For one she has taught me to go for what I want in life and settle for nothing less. This seven pound cutie lives this motto daily. If she wants belly rubs ( which is the equivalent to pizza for her), she will run up into my lap and paw me. Over and over her tiny paw swats at my hand. When I drop what ever I may be doing and rub her, she will not be satisfied until I rub the right spot. If I rub toward the right side of her belly instead of the left one she wants, she lets me know. Her paw will guide my hand until she gets exactly what she wants. She stops at nothing until she is completely satisfied.

The second lesson is to play hard and play often. Enjoy yourself and be silly. My house is scattered with bones and squeaky toys. Paisley has an affinity for hedgehogs and usually carries one around with her. This is pure genius. She is never far away from both gooey inner pizza and fun. At any moment when the spirit moves her she can stop and instantly play. She squeezes the hedgehogs and shakes him all around. She even tosses it and retrieves it. She plays hard and stays happy. Lesson? Find your hedgehog in life and don’t let it go.

Finally, she’s taught me the power of listening without judging. I don’t know how many hours I’ve spent sharing everything, and I mean everything, with her. I’ve shared the good and the bad. I can come in the room screaming and laughing hysterically, or I can enter the room with a tearstained face, and she is there. Her eyes tell me she is listening intently and carefully. She offers kisses and lets me vent. Not once, has she judged me. She just completely accepts and loves me. The world would be a better place if we could just listen like Paisley.

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