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Just one thing...

One thing. I only asked him one thing. Do not let Paisley get wet as she just came back from the doggie spa. With that request, I left Paisley with Matt for the weekend and headed on my trip. One thing….

He told me he tried. I still question the amount of effort involved in his ‘try.’ I mean let’s remember Paisley at that time was five pounds and apparently after this weekend was also five pounds soaking wet. Yes, I said wet!

Matt, who was at this time neither my husband nor fiancé, took Paisley with him to a family cottage on the lake. Whatever could go wrong? I mean my only request was to keep Paisley away from water, so Matt brought her to a lake. Matt had a plan though. He was going to leave Paisley at the cottage while he went in the water. Solid thinking. Good reasoning. He just didn’t count on the five pound dynamo.

While Matt sat at the cottage, Paisley made a break for the water. Matt chased her down the path. Amazingly, the energy of a Yorkie puppy cannot be matched. She was off like a rocket and she was not slowing down. Into the water she went. That day Matt learned that Paisley has an affinity for water. She doggie paddled her way around and around Matt. She was having a blast! Since she was having such a good time, Matt decided to take her for a ride on a boat. He still tells me he had to go boating for Paisley. She wanted to see the entire lake. Sure, it was her idea.

As Matt and Paisley had their adventure on the lake, Matt didn’t know how he was going to tell me that Paisley got wet. He gave her a bath, making sure to get all the sand out. Matt made Paisley fluffy and beautiful. He was still apprehensive to admit what happened. Finally, he blurted it out and just waited. I hugged them both and laughed.

This time friends, it was both Matt and Paisley that taught me a lesson. Paisley once again demonstrated that you should go for what you want, especially when it means having fun. I can see you’re scratching your head about what Matt taught me in this adventure. He taught me many things actually, but the most important thing that I learned that day was that he was without a doubt, the man I was going to marry. Just one thing…

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