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Chalk is all you need

Give a girl like me a box of chalk and you’ve given her the world. You might at this point think I’ve lost my marbles (which by the way are beautiful and mesmerizing), but you’d be wrong. I haven’t lost thing—in fact, I’ve gained quite a bit.

A box of chalk plus my driveway equalled unparalleled fun. I’d create characters and worlds, all the while telling myself wonderful tales of what I’d just created. A particularly fun one was when I created a Halloween theme. I drew an ugly green witch (I used up most of my green chalk coloring her in), and her bubbling cauldron. I also drew a cat. Did I mention I don’t like cats? I had to include one though because it is a package deal with a witch. Peanut butter and jelly, Batman and Robin, a witch and a cat.

The same thing holds true for markers. This time the pallet was a cardboard box. The designing of the box was critical. Windows, because all of my boxes were buildings, needed perfect placement. There had to be just the right amount too. Enough to ‘see’ out of the box, but not too many as to overtake the box structure. It was also a necessity to draw window curtains. Most of the fun in this was the decorating of the curtains. Some were polka dot, some diagonals and the daring few that were both. Hours of fun were had hosting visitors, hosting parties and hosting a puppy or two.

Imagination has always played a role in my life. I sincerely hope it has played a role in your life too. As we grow older, I think we stray farther and farther from it. Chalk is just chalk. I don’t know if it is even used anymore. Markers have lost their magic as well. No longer are they used for creating, but mostly now used just to write. I’m afraid even this is going away too with technology. I challenge you to be a kid again. Draw, create and enjoy. Use your imagination and see where it takes you. I would love to hear about your adventure!

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