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Say what?

Wake me, pinch me, and tell me it’s true. I am still incredulous and in awe. I’m humbled, honored and thankful. Yes, it’s getting a big build up because well, it’s big. I started this blog to share my journey to happiness. Since my last post, I’ve been on a wild and wonderful ride there. This time destination happiness made a stop at publishers. So, to quote Lumiere, it is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure, that I announce a few of my pieces have been published!

I had a poem published, and have one to be published toward the end of the year.

Along with the honor of being published, I was able to attend the poetry book launch and read my poem. This was another check off the proverbial bucket list. The feeling in the room was dynamic and electric. It was filled with creative karma. Although everyone had their own distinctive style, we were united in our passion for writing. I was able to network and meet talented poets. This truly was my initiation into the literary world.

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