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Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Sometimes you don’t have to seek out joy. Sometimes it just appears out of nowhere and just when you need it.

The sun shone and the clouds smiled. It was a picture perfect day. Well at least through other people’s lenses. My once pristine view one day up and shattered into millions of pieces. No one would be able to pick up the pieces as they say (and, by the way, I’ve always wondered who comprises the mythical they). My lens was now cracked and damaged. My panoramic view was grey and foggy.

I did what any girl would do when presented with a dismal outlook. I went in search of retail therapy. Inside, I knew that shopping was not the answer to my current state of being, so I asked myself a different question. Do I need those lime green sandals? The answer was yes and off the rack they went. On the way back to the car, my parents and I passed a pet store (yes I am old enough to remember such places). I stopped in my tracks and stood staring. My shattered lens was suddenly restored. The pieces magically put back together with precision.

Sitting there before me was a piece of heaven. With brown tipped ears and a white luxurious coat sat a seven pound angel. His gaze matched mine. His eyes told me that things were going to get better. His pink little tongue ever so slightly tickled his chin and my vision became 20/20. I needed my little bundle of joy. I could not afford him however, so I had to leave him there.

Seeing the sparkle return to my eyes, my parents immediately returned to the pet store and delivered me a ‘pizza’ in the form of a puppy. Snickers protected me until his last day. He was my friend, my confidante and my hand delivered slice of inner pizza.

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