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More birthday pizza cha cha cha....

I bet math class did not prepare you for this equation. A lazy susan + family + Chinese food = ? I can see the smoke burning from the wheels turning in your head. I’m playing the Jeopardy theme as I await your guesses. Have enough time to think? On the count of four (because the count of three and the count of five are just too overrated), let’s shout our answers. One, two, three, four—the answer my friends, is of course pizza! Certainly not traditional pizza, but my brand of pizza. The above combination created an extra cheese piled high with pepperonis pizza. This afternoon, my heart was full of inner joy, inner peace and inner happiness.

The occasion was yet an other family birthday. This time we were here for the most amazing person, who I have the honor and privilege of calling Dad. We gathered around the table and my heart exploded. I was surrounded by the best and most important people in my life. Conversations flowed freely and laughs happened often. It was reminiscing at its finest. I once again heard how my Mom would carry my uncle’s milk money to school every week, so he wouldn’t lose it. I heard how my older cousins would have to wait for me to finish finding all my Easter eggs before they could start their hunt. Dad reminded me of my sixteenth birthday where I proudly wore a coffee filter on my head as a birthday hat. (That is another story for another day) It was eating at its finest as well. We managed to devour, I mean eat, everything that came out. The day rounded out with a delicious golf cake. We are all back at our respective homes now, but I think the smiles and the pizzas are still front and center. I know it is for me.

I would love to hear your equation for pizza. What are your ingredients?

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