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Mood Reflector

I call it a mood reflector. I’m not talking about the mood ring fad. Of course, I participated in it and had one. Well, several really. I figured if I kept trying them on eventually I would get the one color stone I wanted. Now, the scientist in me was not looking for the reason the ring changed colors. I just accepted it and put on a new ring. I did not even mind if the color did not my mood. The important thing in my seven year old thinking was that the color matched my outfit. If by chance you could make the ring sparkle in the sun all the better. It would go down as a victory.

The mood reflector I am referring to is music. Not until recently, has the impact that music makes on me become clear. If I were to have worn a mood ring over the last few weeks, the stone would be a rainbow of colors. I have had a myriad of emotions overflow. What has literally been in the background throughout however, was music. Music lifted my spirits and brought back a smile. Sure, I have my favorite singers and bands that I always want to hear, but this time the music provided more. The upbeat songs lifted me up and made me want to be the carefree seven year old trying to match jewelry and outfits. When ballads came on, I too became more mellow and reflective. What also became apparent in my mood reflector epiphany was how many memories are attached to music.

Particular songs have the ability to transport to earlier times. I’m going to date myself and give you a further insight into me by talking about the Les Miserables playlist. I heard it and I was immediately a college freshman at a talent show. I would like to admit I had talent to share at this show, but alas I was a spectator. My roomie however, blew the audience away and I couldn’t have been prouder. All that was needed for this stroll down memory lane was the song ‘On My Own’ playing in the background. All of this could be old news to you, yet the point is the true power of music had never been unlocked for me. Music has become my mood reflecting memory maker.

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