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I hear voices...

As I sit before the computer, ideas literally bounce around the room. “Tell me!” they shout. “No, me. She always picks you.” “She likes me better.” “In your dreams maybe. (This really is quite a concept. My imaginary little muses all having the ability to imagine themselves. I could be on to something. Hmm, nontheless, the shouting continues).” “I’m the best.” I just sit and watch and listen. Which one will it be today? Today, the shy, quiet, little voice wins. It is the voice I know best. It is the voice who helped me win.

Being a freshman, I never thought I’d stand chance. What could I do? I was new here and don’t know the ropes. Actually, I didn’t even know if there were ropes, never mind where they would be. Normally, I’d make a good by-stander in these situations, and I would have too, if not for the quiet little voice inside. It was excited, which was rare, so I paid all the more attention to it. “This would be fun. Dare to do it!” For a minute I was confused. Not by the voices inside. They can hold a good conversation or a good debate. Sometimes, they are even amusing. No, I was confused because the quiet, steady one wanted to be daring! Could I? Do I run outside my comfort zone? Yes! I threw my hat in the proverbial ring. I didn’t really know where the ring was, and I didn’t really know what was going to happen.

What happened was nothing short of amazing. I won! I became Director of Special Events for the college. I planned events and attended conferences. I knew that happenings and when and where to be places. It was an honor that I treasure. I owe it all to that quiet, calming, and reassuring voice inside.

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