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Handmade with Love

Hearts, hearts everywhere. Love is in the air. Why it could only signify Valentine’s Day. Thinking back to childhood, this was quite the eventful time. I made cards for Mom and Dad. I would take every last piece of pink and red construction paper out of my stash. I’d cut out hearts of all sizes to glue on the front of the card. The actual card paper was strategically white. This way the marker’s true color would show. I mean pink marker on red paper sort of yields brown, and no one wants a brown valentine. So, it was pink and red hearts pasted on a white card. This might be fancy you say, but wait there’s more—the inside. Often overlooked as just a place for words, it actually has more potential. Enter the pop-up heart. With a little folding of the paper and a little glue, voila the 3-D heart. It is almost done. Now, there’s still the back. I know this doesn’t strike anyone as a surprise, but I’m a detail person. I needed to trademark the back of the card. It was an easy call—rainbow. This way, I could use all of my markers.

Cards in school were an entirely different event. Your choice of valentine would either make or break you. I went with strawberry scented Strawberry Shortcake cards. There were sports cards, Garfield cards, Star War (the original) cards and Smurf cards. All of these were acceptable. Some upped their game with cards that had candy or pencils attached. This year I was able to sign my classmates valentines. Before putting them in the envelopes, my Mom read them. It was a good thing too. On all but one of my valentines I had signed “Love, Ami” On one, and mind you this made perfect sene to a nine year old, I signed “Like, Ami” Behind stifled laughter my Mom questioned me about this one. Simple explanation really, I didn’t dislike him, but I didn’t love him either. Needless to say, I signed a new card for him where this time I loved him.

Hearts, hearts everywhere. I wish you a merry heart’s day!

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