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Best time of the year

In do not get along with dirt, nature and NY Yankee fans. The one and only time I might slightly bend is for the beginning of Spring training. During this glorious few weeks, baseball is well, baseball. The fundamentals of the game are being drilled into hopeful prospects. Suddenly, fielding a grounder is more than just swiping your glove at it. It is balancing, blocking and covering. This is the time for repetition. This is also the time for a huge learning curve when it comes to batting. The batter needs to work on, amongst others things, his timing. For some, it may be the first time facing true heat. What they thought was high velocity before may now appear to be slower than a sloth.

There is competition, but of a different kind. It is intra-squad competition. Players are hustling and giving it their all in an attempt to make the big league club. Skills are being showcased and put on display for the watchful eyes of managers and assistants alike. Every throw and every at bat has meaning. It is being played for the innate beauty of it. In other words, it is a glorious time for baseball and a magnificent time for baseball fans—yes, even Yankee fans.

Go Sox!!!

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