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Happiness Found

Destination: Happiness

Join me on my musings and insights into my journey to happiness. It is not a direct trip, as there is no map to follow. No directions to help guide. There will be wrong turns and u turns, yielding and stopping, driving and speeding along the way. The one thing I know is that my destination will be reached. I’m putting my foot to the gas pedal, and away we go!



Happiness Found


Hi. My name is Ami and I am thrilled you’re joining me on a journey to happiness. Northerner by birth and Southerner by heart, I finally followed my heart and moved to Florida with my husband and my precious puppy Paisley.

I have been a travel agent, a special needs teacher and currently can be found in the world of Human Resources. I love Disney, dogs and the Boston Red Sox.

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More About Me


Throughout my diverse career route, one thing has been a constant. I have always secretly wanted to write. I don’t know why I hid it, as everyone but me knew how important this was to my happiness, but I did. So, step one to happiness? I’ve started this blog. I hope it can make you smile as much as I smile writing it. 

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